The DIY Coffee Table That Was My First Project

Would you build your own DIY coffee table?

In early 2017 I never thought I would ever build my own furniture (enter the DIY Coffee Table). But, after moving to Newburyport with my now wife, that’s exactly what I did. We needed a coffee table and we both loved the idea of handmade, custom furniture. I stumbled onto some old woodworking tools in the basement, and then found some old (reclaimed) wood out back in the shed.

Next thing I know I’m sketching up designs of a DIY coffee table on my lunch break…

Here’s the final version of what I came up with:

A 3D rendering of my first DIY coffee table design!

Download the plans and 3D model here:

Take the 3D model for a spin!!

Getting It “Just Right”

As an engineer, I tend to be overly obsessive with details and being organized. The picture below is every piece for the DIY coffee table, cut and stacked. I think the only pieces not in this picture were the slats for the bottom shelf. I added those later from old deck boards.

Thoughtful planning will save you a lot of time later on!
This is all stacked on top of an old kitchen table..

I didn’t know what a planer or jointer was, and barely knew how to use a sander. I spent hours and hours sanding each piece of wood individually before started to build. After glueing up the table top I then spent several more hours trying to sand it flat.

I never really did get it flat, but it has character 🙂

When it comes to getting your edges and surfaces flat; just do the best you can!
Note the skis in the background, hah

I used kreg screws and glue everywhere I could. By the time I was done I had a seriously heavy coffee table. Lugging it up two flights of stairs from the basement to our apartment was a pain in the A.

Always take your time when assembling. It's much harder to take things apart afterwards!

The Finished DIY Coffee Table

After 2+ years of daily use and abuse, this table is still standing strong!

Don't forget to put your DIY coffee table to work!

Here are some items you may need to build your own:

Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System

3/8″ x 2″ Wooden Dowels

14″ Drawer Sliders

Self-Centering Doweling Jig Kit

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Would you build your own coffee table?

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