How Do You Find Reclaimed Wood?

So where do we get all of our reclaimed lumber from??

Question: Where do I find reclaimed wood? Answer: EVERYWHERE. An old barn in Dover, NH, old lumber from a house renovation in Amesbury, MA, you name it. Sometimes we source the wood ourselves, and sometimes we work with awesome partners that literally source reclaimed wood for a living. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Find reclaimed wood in your back yard, at your local barnyard or just from a neighbor's renovation project!

Folks that source lumber for a living have the resources and infrastructure to recover and process on a much larger scale. Sometimes this is wayy more cost effective than sourcing it ourselves. Why make bread yourself when you can just go to the local grocery store and buy it (nothing against people who make bread! We do too..)?

Learn why here:

There’s a lots of other resources for reclaimed wood like EcoBuilding Bargains in Springfield, MA. They are a non-profit that works with contractors to recover wood from small & large construction projects all over New England. Since they are not trying to get rich off the process, they can sell the wood at fair prices. This makes it much more affordable to build something with it.

Reclaimed wood will absolutely provide character and beauty that is tough to find in standard, new growth wood; I.E., big box stores or lumber yards. There’s also usually a story that comes with that wood, which makes it even more special.

Reclaimed wood is the best. Where you find reclaimed wood is often the best part!

Here are some tools you may need:

Avenger’s Stormbreaker Axe

Stanley 36″ Wrecking Bar

Nail Pulling Pliers

Dewalt Safety Goggle

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