The Reality of “Reclaimed Wood”

What is “Reclaimed Wood” Exactly? Pallets. Just Pallets.

Well, not quite..

Reclaimed and salvaged are often said to mean the same thing. Reclaimed wood is truly wood that was previously used in construction like a house, barn, deck, chicken coup, etc. Salvaged wood is what you get when a tree falls down in your yard. I didn’t realize this for a long time myself…

Pallets technically are “reclaimed wood”, but be careful of chemical treatments and poor wood quality overall

“Reclaiming” Wood is Hard Work

Take a look at that beautiful reclaimed barn wood siding up at the top. I spent a lot of hours pulling off shingles, vapor bariers, etc. before I could even get at the old boards. Then I had to carefully pull each one with a hammer and crowbar to prevent splitting. Yes, it does suck and it’s REALLY hard.

Mostly likely, wood like this also has to be stored and air dried (or kiln dried) for several months before it can be used. Then it has to be cut, planed, sanded etc; which can be time-consuming.

Yes, I used this photo in the last blog post; it’s a good one and those nails are very real

Have you ever tried pulling a nail like this out of a 4 inch deep piece of reclaimed lumber?

PSA: Reclaimed Wood is Not Free.

Being able to build great furniture re-purposed wood like these specimens makes it worth it

Whether we recover the lumber ourselves or partner with someone else who does (think Jarmak); the character and history of reclaimed wood is often unmatched. Check out our IG page for project inspo:

Tools for Work with Reclaimed Wood & Pallets

16 oz. Hammer

15-inch Crowbar

Nail Pulling Pliers

Bob’s Pallet Buster Tool

Airlock Nail Remover

Fancy Fiberglass Hard Hat

Dewalt Thickness Planer

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